How To Design A Perfect Wrap…

How To Design A Perfect Wrap…

When going down the highway, the most eye catching thing are car wraps. The colours, the message, the oddity. All in all, it calls you in. What some do not understand is, not everything can go on a car. To make a Wrap good, one must limit themselves to the necessities but come out of their comfort zone and make it pop.

1- Brand

When selling and or advertising an item, you need a brand that will be easily recognized, that will be associated with the item you’re selling. When a company has a bad brand or logo, they will not have a lasting impression, and furthermore won’t sell very well. The brand is the selling point. You want a logo and brand that can go hand and hand, and that will be remembered.

2- Keep it simple

To grab someone’s attention, you need it to be appealing. Having too many things on your wrap will make the person ignore it. Only put the necessities: Logo, a catchy message, a website, and maybe a phone number. When you pass a car, you don’t have more than 5 seconds for them to read what you are and what you’re selling before you disappear. Having too many things could distract them from getting the information they need to contact you for your service.

3- Be different

When you pass another car, you want to stand out. If you look like any other car, or if your design is bland, you can be ignored. Before you put flames and sparkles on your wrap, realize that a noisy background takes away from the message you’re trying to give. Standing out and being eye catching does not mean to go overboard. Yes, have colour but do not make it to the point where people would rather ignore it because it is too much and would take too long to read and decipher it.


One of the easiest ways to advertise something is using vehicle graphics, not only is it faster to do, but it is always moving. More people will see a moving car then they will see a billboard. Allowing the vehicle to travel means it will be seen by more people ultimately getting more clients. Not only is it cheaper than most advertising, it is exciting. People who would never consider the product are attracted to the vehicle.

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